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Liverpool photographer David reflects on a art project completed in 2020

Postcards from us x

Last year during lockdown I joined an online art class called Postcards from us x, we made some postcards and they were displayed at the Open Eye Gallery

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Published on Thu Jul 8, 2021

Liverpool photographer David J Colbran ongoing project photographing leaves with a macro lens and making leaf skeletons project

Leaf skeleton art

Finding leaf skeletons in the woods out and about is fairly rare. I have a couple but thought I'd have a go and making some of my own.

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Published on Mon Nov 9, 2020

Product tableware photography for artist in cafe and exhibition photographer for launch event

Ceramic art photography for local emerging artist

Product photography of a large collection of tableware and event coverage for evening exhibition and launch of range.

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Published on Tue Oct 20, 2015

Liverpool Biennial 2014 photography by Merseyside photographer David J Colbran.

Liverpool Biennial 2014

I was lucky enough to visit the press preview of the Biennial yesterday and saw some really interesting pieces of work and installations. It really has become an important date and event in the world's contemporary art calendar.

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Published on Fri Jul 4, 2014

David J Colbran presents documentary work at Liverpool Biennial 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012 opens. I am covering the festival - check my highlights - and presenting a documentary project in the near future

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Published on Thu Sep 6, 2012

News about Print Aid Project and fund raising for Japan earthquake victims

Print Aid project update

News about Print Aid Project and fund raising for Japan earthquake victims - a quick update from the Print Aid guys

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Published on Tue Nov 29, 2011

donation of a photograph for the Print Aid Project supporting victims of the Japanese earthquake

The Print Aid Project

The Print Aid Project is a collaboration of photographers and designers from around the world. Buy one of these prints at a special reduced price and all of the profits will benefit the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, March 2011.

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Published on Thu Jul 28, 2011

'The Making of Liverpool' launch photographs by David J Colbran - portraits of The Singh Twins

'The Making of Liverpool'

'The Making of Liverpool' launch at The Capstone Building, in Liverpool, Feb. 2011 - really interesting and friendly evening. It was the official launch of 'The Making of Liverpool' book and a screening of the Award winning animation film

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Published on Thu Mar 3, 2011

Liverpool Press photographer available to cover art events, exhibitions, shows and installations

Liverpool Biennial 2010 photographer

Looking for a press photographer to cover art events and installations, then please get in touch.

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Tags: art, Biennial, artist, exhibition, culture

Published on Wed Sep 15, 2010

Liverpool art photography prints for sale by photographer David J Colbran

Prints for sale

I've a selection of fine art photography limited edition prints for sale - an ideal present. These are from a personal project investigating minimal landscapes

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Published on Wed Feb 10, 2010

Respected journalist Martin Bell visits Liverpool - portrait photograph for licence

Rebel Rants - Martin Bell

Respected journalist Martin Bell visits Liverpool's Writing on the Wall festival for the first in the Rebel Rant's lecture series. A series of events and lectures featuring some of the most high profile, outspoken, controversial writers and campaigners in the UK today.

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Published on Thu Jan 28, 2010

Tracey Emin For You work Liverpool Anglican Cathedral photograph available to licence - photography by David J Colbran

Tracey Emin Liverpool Cathedral Photograph

Tracey Emin's work the pink neon "For You" at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral wins award The Art and Christianity Enquiry (ACE)

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Published on Sat Nov 21, 2009

A photograph of the replica painting of the Mona Lisa appears at shopping centre

Wrexham photo shoot

A Mona Lisa art project that its makers claim is the largest reproduction in the world of Da Vinci's masterpiece has gone on display at a shopping centre called Eagles Meadow in Wrexham, Wales. Wednesday 28th October 2009.

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Published on Wed Oct 28, 2009

Liverpool Mural Project a photography study documents its creation

Liverpool Mural Project

A series of photographs documenting the painting of a Liverpool mural by artists from Belfast and Merseyside. This personal project documents development of the mural across seven days.

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Tags: art, artist, mural, documentary, project

Published on Sun Feb 15, 2009